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As most Americans will not know that the magazine
"Gamero Rosso" is the Italian equivalent of the Wine Spectator when it comes to Italian Wine, rating and writing about them.

Instead of a 100 Point ratings system used by the Wine Spectator and others, Gamber Rosso gives their top rated wines Trebicchieri or "Three Glasses" and Two Glasses is very good, the equivalent of a 88 or 89 on the 100 Point Scale.
Here is a List of Some of Gamberro Rosso's "Trebicchieri" Wines for 2011. The Grand Trebicchieri Tasting to be held in New York on February 18, 2011


SASSICAIA Winemaker Sebastiano Rossa (L to R)

Author Daniel Bellino "Z" and Giovanni Folnari of Nozzole

A. A. Gewurztraminer Kastelaz ’09 Elena Walch
Albana di Romagna Passito AR ’08 Fattoria Zerbina

A. A. Valle Isarco Sylvaner R ’09 Kofererhof 

 Amarone della Valpolicella Vajo Armarone ’05 Serego Alighieri 

 Barolo La Rocche del Falletto Ris. ’04 B. Giacosa 

Barolo Monfortino Ris. ’02 G. Conterno 

Barolo ’06B. Mascarello Bolgheri 

Sassicaia ’07 San Guido

"I'll Never forget this Vintage of SASSICAIA. 

The Greatest Sassaica Veintage ever!" Author Daniel Bellino Z 

Brunello di Montalcino Ris. ’04 Biondi Santi 

Camartina ’07 Querciabella Cervaro della Sala ’08 

Castello della Sala Umbria 

Chianti Classico Rancia Ris. ’07 Felsina 

Cof Sauvignon Zuc di Volpe ’09 Volpe 

Pasini Cupo ’08 

Pietracupa Franciacorta Brut Secolo Novo ’05 

Le Marchesine Gattinara Osso San Grato ’06 Antoniolo 

I Sodi di San Nicolò ’06 Castellare 

Le Pergole Torte ’07 Montevertine 

Langhe Costa Russi ’07 Gaja 

 Marsala Vergine Ris. ’81 Pellegrino 

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo ’08 

Villa Medoro Montepulciano d’Abruzzo ’06 Valentini 

 Montepulciano d’Abruzzo San Calisto ’07 

Valle Reale Montiano ’08 

Falesco Primitivo di Manduria Es ’08 

Fino Rosso Gravner ’04 Gravner 

 Rosso Piceno Sup. Roggio del Filare ’07 

Velenosi Sangiovese di Romagna Sup. Avi ’06 

San Patrignano 

 Taurasi Radici Ris. ’04 Mastroberardino 

 Trebbiano d’Abruzzo Castello di Semivicoli ’08 Masciarelli 

 Trento Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore Brut ’01 

Ferrari Veneroso ’07 Tenuta di Ghizzano

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Photo by Daniel Bellino Zwicke


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Francesca Planeta and Daniel Bellino-Zwicke at Planeta's "Santa Cecilia" Tasting in New York







Frappatu di Vittoria


2005 to 2011



at SANTA CECILIA Vertical Tasting

New York, NY




by Daniel Bellino "Z"




Daniel Bellino "Z"


Friday, September 19, 2008

pictured below; Vittorio Fiore and Marilisa Allegrini

Big Guns of Italian Wine

Some ot the "Big Guns" of ITALIAN WINE where in Town and at the Winebow Portfolio Tasting on September 16th & 17th. First-Off was Vittorio Fiore, one of the Greatest Italian Winemakers of this time or anytime. Vittorio was Show his renowned Super Tuscan Wine "Il Carbonaione "Vittorio produces Il Carbonaione on his beautiful wine estate Podere Poggio Scalette high up in one of Greve's highest vineyards where you can see the whole Chianti Classico wine zone from this vantage point. It is a beautiful sight where I have been forunate on two occasions to spend time tasting wine with Vittorio and his sons while nibbling on the wonderful homemade Salami and Prosciutto that son and Vineyard Manager Jyuri Fiore makes with the help from great old friend "Dante." Dante is a wonderful old village farmer who knows how to make fantastic Salumi, among other things. He's a absolute gem!Il Carbonaione is made of 100% Sangiovese. The 2004 vintage that Vittorio was pouring at the tasting was absolute perfection, strong but not too concentrated, exhibiting nice Black Cherry and earthiness in ,the mouth. Vittorio says it is one of his best vintage ever, "I agree completely."Merilisa Allegrini (another Heavy Hitter) was on hand as well. Showing all the great Allegrini wines, including; La Grolla, La Poja, and thier 2003 Amarone, which as usual is one of the regions top producers of famed Amarone.Giuseppe Tasca d' Almerita was present. Giuseppe and his family make one of Sicily's most famous and renowned wines "Rosso del Conte" Rosso del Conte is mad of 100% Nero d'Avola. This wine along with "Duca Enrico" is the greatest and most prestigious in all of Sicily. When tasted, I had a incrediable explosion of Ripe Red Fruit flavors in my mouth. The wine was phenomenal, smooth, silky, and perfectly balance as Rosso del Conte usually is. This is one of Italy most consistently wonderful premium wines. "Always Great!"

Picture Perfect Barbaresco from Cortese

Tiziana Cortese with a bottle of her families great Barbaresco Rabaja Riserva 2001
right; Daniel Bellino Zwicke with one of Italy's "Greatest Winemakers" Vittorio Fiore holding a bottle of his famed
"Il Carbonaione" 2004

Tiziana Cortese was in town with 2 selections of Barbaresco from her families vineyards in Peidmonte. Both Barbaresco examples from Cortese are from their Vineyards on the fame site of Rabaja.

Cortese Barbaresco Rabaja 2003 blew my mind when I tasted it. This wine is a "Text Book Perfect Example" of what Barbaresco should taste like, but very often does not. This Barbaresco is "Elegant" with just the right amount of concentration of fruit and body to give it some fullness without it being manipulated or overly concentrated. The weight of the wine, as of the aromas, and flavor palette was absolutely perfect, "could not get any better. Is it apparent I LOVED this wine?" The wine has wonderful Red Berry and Violet aromas in the nose. In the mouth, the Barbaresco "Rabaja" Cortese 2003, tasted of Raspberry and Violets with nice hints of leather and Spice with nice firm tannins that linger to a long finish.

The Cortese Barbaresco Rabaja 2003 is a "Absolute Stunner" that I rate a 97 on a 100 point scale. "Yes, it's that GOOD!" Grab some if you can.

Cortese Barbaresco Rabaja Riserva 2001 is quite a gem as well. It has just been released after 4o months aging in large Slovenian Cask (where all Barolo and Barbaresco should be age, not in 225 liter Barriques that "Ruin" the wine), with a additional 3 years in bottle before being put on the market. I will paraphrase the WB tasting notes as they perfectly describe the wine;

"An ethereal bouquet of plums, prunes, cinnamon, cocoa, tobacco, leather, and spice. Dry and full-bodied, with robust flavors developing on the palate and subsequently unveiling this wines very solid structures." I will add that it is a joy to drink, will age well, and rates a impressive 93.

by Daniel Bellino Zwicke

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wine World mourning the Dealth of Didier Dageneau

Didier Dagueneau, the master of Sauvignon Blanc, died in small craft Plane Crash on September 17th in France. Dagueneau was one of the Worlds greatest and most famous winemakers. Famous for for making some of the most renowned Pouilly-Fume of the Loire region of France. Dagueneau was know as The Wildman of the Loire and "The Bad Boy opf the Loire," he made heady, lush Pouilly-Fume like "Silex" and Pur Sang. He was ultra meticulous and always sought perfection in both his vineyards and cellar. Didier made biodynamic wines that were comlex and considered by many to be just as noble as White Burgundies. Didier was know as "a young rebel with conviction." He will be greatly missed.