Saturday, February 29, 2020

The Perfect Barolo

Luigi Einaudi  BAROLO "CANUBI" 2015

"This was my Pick for TOP WINE of The Entire Show"


February 28, 2020

Yes the Barolo Canubi 2015 produced by the wine estate of Luigi Einaudi absolutely blew me away. It was absolutely incredible, and what I would describe as the perfect Barolo. "Yes it was." Still is. Wow, I couldn't believe it, right out of the gate, the first wine of the day as I sauntered into the Metropolitan Pavilion on 18th Street. The doors weren't open yet, but I wrangled by way in for some early tasting before the crowds  came.  I have for the past 12 years or so gone in one hour before the trade, as as a journalist they let you in an hour before everyone else, but this year they change their policy. The lady at the registration desk asked me if I wanted to go to The Master Class Seminar which was starting at 1:30, it was now 1:15 and the doors officially weren't opening until 2 o'clock, 45 minutes away. "I wanted in now," so I told, yes, I wanted to go to the seminar, and I did, but changed my mind once I went in and started tasting some lovely Italian Wine. Oh they were great this year, much better than the few years past. I absolutely adored some of the wines I tasted today (yesterday), starting with "The Most Perfect Barolo of All," the Luigi Einaudi BAROLO "CANUBI" 2015 ... Yes it was that good, and yes it was perfect. The wine, everything was in perfect balance: the fruit, the tannins, acidity, the weight, it was "The Perfect Barolo" and one I'll never forget. Barolo's just do not get any better than the one I had yesterday at tre Bicchieri New York 2020, I was literally in 7th Heaven.

Over the years I have been quite fortunate to have drinking numerous vintage of Cannubi Barolo from all of the wine producers who make Barolo Cannubi from vineyard plots that they own on this one of the Barolo regions most famous hills. I have for some time loved Barolo from the 1996 vintage which is my own personal favorite Barolo vintage of them all, even more so than the more highly acclaimed 2000 and 2001 Vintages of Barolo. I have tasted my friend Alberto Chiarlo's Michele Chiarlo Barolo Canubi of several vintages as well as those of Paolo Scavino, Marchesi di Barolo (my 1st ever Cannubi tasted), Francesco Rinaldi 96 (Awesome!) and more. And now after drinking this wonderful Einaudi Barolo Cannubie 2015 it easily ranks up there with the best Barolo Cannubi I've ever tasted, and may very well be my favorite one of all. It certainly was my favorite wine of all those I tasted at Tre Bicchieri 2020, and as of those that I didn't get around to tasting, and there's no one person who could taste every wine at the show, I'm very sure that even if I did taste every single wine there, there is not a one that could possibly be better, "I'm sure this was the Best!"

Basta !

Luigi Einaudi Estate

Serralunga d' Alba

This Gets My Vote for BEST in SHOW 


Poderi Luigi Einaudi BAROLO CANNUBI 2025







"JUST for the FUN of IT"


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