Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sassicaia Top Italian Wines

Cevaro della Sala, Brunello Biondi Santi, Allegrini Amarone, and Sassicaia among this years 2013 Tre Bicchieri winning wines, of Italy's Top Wines as per Gamberro Rosso and top Italian Wines writers. Yes we are excited and can't wait for this years Tre Bicchieri Tasting, New York's top Italian Wine Tasting of the year. In New York, The Worlds # 1 Top Wine Market, Italian Wines and all the great wines of the World are quite important, but when it comes to a wine culture and a very unique and specific one at that, there is none like the Italian One. More Italian producers and winemakers come to New York for tastings, Wine Luncheons and Dinners, and special wine events than any other of the many great and prestigious wine regions of the World, including California, all the renowned regions of France, Spain, and New World Wines, no one country can top Italy with its great wine presence and activity in New York, The World Capital of Wine Markets.

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